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Alamo offers hydraulic frac services through four fleets of equipment. Alamo has invested heavily in new equipment to insure safe operations and minimize NPT. Fleets consist primarily of Caterpillar engines and transmissions. They operate with AMI controls.

Fleets include data van, blenders, 12 – 18 pumps, missile, iron, sand king or sand storage, and supporting tools.

Alamo’s total fleet consists of

2250 HHP, tri-plex pumps

2500 HHP, quintuplex pumps

Additional New Build Pumps By End of Q2 2018

New Build Blenders

Is your company interested in working with us?

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Alamo supports our equipment with in-house and third-party maintenance programs designed to maximize pumping hours on location, minimize NPT, and deliver efficiency to our customers.  We utilize specialists from our equipment manufacturers, top of the line parts and components, and preventative maintenance schedules to deliver value to field operations.

Alamo has relationships with vendors to supply all necessary materials and other services to meet the needs of our customers.

Please email to discuss your well completion requirements. Or fill out the form below to contact our sales team.

While Alamo does perform spot work, our primary focus is long-term dedicated relationships/work.

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