Health. Safety. Environment.


Health. Safety. Environment.


Safety First

We are committed to upholding the highest standards concerning the health, safety, and environmental needs of our employees, vendors, customers, and stakeholders. How are we continually looking out for ourselves & others?


We believe looking out for ourselves and others is the right thing to do


We value open communication at our daily staff meetings


All employees are given the authority to stop any unsafe or questionable activity without repercussion.

Hazard, Unsafe Activity or Question?

To identify a hazard, report an unsafe activity, or for general HSE questions, please complete the form below.

Alamo Behavioral Safety Standards

We track our trends to stay at the highest standard. Our success is a direct reflection of hiring talented, safety-minded people. Alamo has an open-door policy for mentoring, guidance and keeping safety at the highest standard. This open door policy applies to Safety Management, Field Supervisors, Executive Management, and ownership.


  • PEC Safeland
  • H2S Clear
  • DOT Compliant Safe Driving
  • Medic First Aid/CPR
  • Forklift/Manlift Operator
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Frac Pump Maintenance Standards
  • CDL Driver Training
  • Leadership Development


  • All Alamo trucks have anti-rollover safety to make turning safer
  • Fleet Matrix certified
  • ELog compliant


  • Alamo provides a safety coordinator on each shift
  • JSA
  • Safety meeting before each shift
  • Safety coordinator carries extra PPE
  • Safety coordinator wears a designated hardhat and drives a clearly marked truck
  • Safety department has a clear directive to support operations


  • Alamo brings in manufacturers’ specialists to train on safety and current best-in-class preventative maintenance recommendations and maintenance techniques
  • Alamo routinely invests in our people by sending them to specialized trainings

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